Re: [CR]Benotto tape wrapping advice sought

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From: "Thomas R. Adams, Jr." <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Benotto tape wrapping advice sought
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 01:58:02 +0000

>In a message dated 3/11/03 3:33:15 PM, writes:
> >
> > << Try double or
> > triple wrapping with mixed colors (you have to roll the tapes together
> > before you start). >>
>to which Chuck replied:
> > I highly recommend this approach as well! I have done the
> > "double" routine
> > on two bikes which I actually ride on a regular basis, and the
> > tape really
> > complements the paint and gets a few comments from on-lookers!!
> >
> > I usually wrap Benotto from the center to the bar end (FWIW).
>Nobody has explained the reason I have always been told to wrap
>exclusively from ends to center. The point on the handlebars where the
>tape gets the most stress is between the tops and the brake hoods. The
>stress exercised on the handlebar tape is forward and outwards. If you
>wrap from the ends, this stress will never curl the tape, whereas if
>you wrap from the center out, you will sooner or later curl the tape.
>The perfect analogy is how you shingle a roof: you always start from
>the bottom and finish at the ridge/peak.
>Steven Maasland

>Moorestown, NJ

I think wrapping from top to bottom is usually preferred by those who want to finish the tape by tucking it into the handlebar and pinning it with the bar plug (Velox rubber, of course!). It was about the only way I saw cotton tape wrapped in the olden days. I think wrapping from the bottom became common with the Benotto tape, because the cotton was more resistant to slipping than plastic tape, and the Benotto needed the extra help in keeping in place..

When you start wrapping from the bottom, you then have to come up with some other method of anchoring the tape at the top. Hence the references to super glue, electrician's tape, Rivendell style twine whipping, and colored plastic tape. I do agree that wrapping from the bottom up tends to keep the tape in place better, preventing the edges from rolling.

Tom Adams, Shrewsbury NJ

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