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From: "John Everett" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 14:56:01 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]Deer racing
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On 16 Jun 2003 at 15:17, Tom Sanders wrote:
> Today I was riding my McLean tourer because my butt was sore from =
> so much riding lately and this bike has the worlds' most comfortable =
> Brooks saddle. Not a go-fast bike, but still respectable. Two deer =
> started to jump a fence and cross the road in front of me but saw me =
> just about the time I saw them.

Found on Google Groups; posted by me to rec.bicycles.misc in 1997:

"A couple of years ago within the first mile of an early morning autumn club ride we had just rounded a corner when we heard a thrashing sound in the woods to our right. I was number three in a pace line of perhaps a dozen bikes. Suddenly two bucks with full racks of antlers came charging out of the woods right next to me, one apparently chasing the other. Instead of just crashing through the line, they turned and ran along the shoulder parallel to us, sort of like a double pace line. Eventually the chasee cleared the lead rider, turned abruptly left and clattered across the road, followed immediately by the chaser. Woke us all up real quick, right Fred? (Fred Avery was lead rider when this happened; are you out there Fred?)" (John V. Everett)