Re: [CR]Stronglight Spoked Crank Spider

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Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 22:36:49 +0900
To: Fred Rafael Rednor <>
From: kenji fusejima <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Stronglight Spoked Crank Spider


I also could love this crankset. It has originality and looks fun. Unfortunately, I have no idea about construction of it. My source of informations about it is only just article ("New Cycling" magazine Sep. 1999). I never saw this crankset. Since I do not know his telephone number or e-mail address, I can not contact him. Sorry I can not help you.

Kenji Fusejima Yokohama Japan

At 5:33 AM -0700 03.6.17, Fred Rafael Rednor wrote:
>I have no way of knowing how well this crankset actually
>functions but I find it's appearance to be interesting - and in
>fact, pleasing in a strictly aesthetic sense. What I wonder
>about, is whether he machined his own flanges or if they are
>cut off of a hub and welded to his crank mechanism?
> Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia
>--- kenji fusejima <> wrote:
>> Hello:
>> Sorry about the delay in posting. It is a hand-made gadget by
>> certain Japanese enthusiast (owner of this bike). Frame was
>> made by Toei, but, this nice (or weird) crankset was not made
>> by Toei. From the description of this photograph, 36 spokes
>> are 1.2mm dia, chainrings are Simplex 51 and 45, crank fixing
>> bolts are remodeled parts from TA crank puller.
>> I heard that he is a professional mechanician. He can do
>> brazing and welding (include aluminum). In this bike, he
>> created and remodeled some parts (brake cable hangers, yokes,
>> head light mount, handlebars, seatpost and some other parts).
>> I am not familiar with him. but, I heard that he is a nice
>> guy.
>> Kenji Fusejima
>> Yokohama Japan
>> At 8:51 AM -0700 03.6.14, Bainbridge wrote:
>> >I found this image while digging through a pile of my old
>> Japanese cycling
>> >mags. It is a Stronglight 49 crank with a spoked spider. Has
>> anyone out
>> >there ever seen this?? Is it real or simply some pretty cool
>> voodoo from
>> >Toei?? If anyone knows anything about this crank, I would
>> love to hear about
>> >it.
>> >
>> >=t
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>> >
>> >Bryant Bainbridge
>> >Portland, Orygun