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Yo AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaLL!

Then what was all the talk about a few weeks or so ago about the cut off date as being '83?!?!?! And this is for bike stuff that falls within these walls, Vintage bike. I'd love to ramble off about other things and I try to keep it in line. Geeze the Benotto girls had more to do with the talk of this list, if you guys only knew, you'd end up with some big wet spots going down your leggs!...............It was '82 and this killer looking little lady in white lace and pumps came into the shop and said I'd like to buy a baby blue Benotto # 2000! With Campagnolo Super Record!..................Of course the guys in the shop were all turning cart wheels in their pants! Or I can talk about the brown bear running next to me during a trip to Yosemite!........It was '79 on my old Peugeot! If that works!.....Darn the kids chasing it all thought it was a big dog!.............Long and behold it squared off with a buck in a meadow with 10 or so kids playing cowboys and indians running around this happening, I found and told a park ranger and out comes the piece to see if it was loaded.

Hell, 2 years ago talk got stated up on the Paris Roubaix, it wasn't within the time line! And it got shut down real fast by the Dale!................Those out there who remembers this, please raise your hands................This talk had more to do with bikes than this thread in question................List about the Vintage 2 wheel deal and everything that surounds it!

Just my 2 cents.................Now it's back to work.

BC Baron C...................And the gang!! Renaissance cycles, Eindhoven Holland.........Straying off the beaten path but not to far...I hope!.....Got a great list going, thanks to Dale.

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Subject: [CR]Was: Guitars, Drums, etc. Now: On topic, off topic

> In support of e-richie's postings: (No, this won't get you bumped to
> the head of his to-be-built list):
> e-richie's recent postings on matters of "ephemera",
> "anti-manufacturing", etc., are appreciated here. Keep them coming- they
> are a logical and natural
> progression of any discussion to articulate the reasons why we enjoy
> these bicycles, and are, therefore, essentially "on-topic".
> De-constructing the essence of our
> appreciations is only appropriate. Other cycling lists may think this
> one a little strange, and I know they just don't get it. Why can't they
> read here about why they don't get it? I smiled when I noticed
> e-richie's site is linked to the work of Chris Becksvoort. His Shaker
> furniture design and craftsmanship has an integral grace and structural
> beauty that is found in the other items all of us either design, make,
> ride, paint, sit on, repair, collect, or simply refer to. A highlight to
> a recent visit to Cleveland was the opportunity to stop in to the rock
> and roll hall of fame to see Jerry Garcia's guitars. "Wolf", one of
> them, is simply the most beautiful instrument I've ever seen. Pure
> beauty in function. Like a painted cutout on a lug, we can tell which
> ones are "too much", and which ones are "not enough". Any addition or
> subtraction from this guitar, a Shaker candlestand, or a Della Santa,
> for example, and it ceases to be what it is. That's what rocks me these
> days. In contrast, the lengthy threads on the identification of the
> mystical substance that makes Gios blue, well, blue, and how to properly
> clamp a bicycle to a stand make me yawn. Of course not that all threads
> are like that, but perhaps an excess of those strands is what drives
> potential list subscribers away. We should encourage what may seen to us
> at first divergent discussion, rather than constrain it. I think that in
> the end, the list will be richie (oops.. richer) for it.
> Vince Connelly
> Baltimore, Maryland