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And we all know that e-CHUNKIE is the arbiter of all that is or is not on-topic on this list ... if he's not interested, then it's not on-topic, even if Dale already said the analogy is okay ... as long as the discussion doesn't degenerate into a Gibson vs. Fender vs. Rickenbacher comparison.

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> Richard Rose wrote:

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > (cut) Obviously no one here really wants to discuss the

\r?\n> > nuances of guitar building, but the mental exercise of comparing the two

\r?\n> > processes (guitar & frame building)seems not only worthy of our interest

\r?\n> > but on-topic as well.


\r?\n> Nope. Not interested in the comparison (mental exercise) of guitar and

\r?\n> frame building. And off-topic as well.


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