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To clarify my intent, I would like to open a discussion on fitting fenders on the bikes we usually discuss. Yes it's June, but it's still raining in the Northeast (or so my sister tells me). And fender season will be here sooner than later. I sense there was a strong need for bikes to be fitted with fenders (especially Britan from all the rain). Supposedly standard reach brakes were made so fenders could be positioned undereath the calipers and still have room for the tires to spin. The story I was told was that the guys would ride their fendered and racked and bagged bike to a certain point to meet up, remove all the unnecessary items and then race to, say a pub, have a pint and then turn around and go back to pick up their stuff and ride home. Sounds like a nice way to spend a sunday. So is this a wrong history- fenders were only used on utility bikes and never on the sunday racers? Club racers they were called?? Steer me wrong here....or right for that matter. I have checked out some randonneuring websites and got a glimpse of how they attach and some of the more popular homemade options. There is something missing in all this- the actual detailed anecdotal histories of what does and doesnt work. That's what I'm fishing for.

What kind of fender would you put on your Hetchins or Calude Butler? or the Rene Herse?

Am I off topic?

Tom Martin
Oakland CA

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BTW, thanks all for the Hujsak info.

I would like to pick some of you'zes brains on fenders, like what do you like about em, hate about em, what looks cool, what actually works, how they attach, etc. Blummels? Honjo? SKS? Any others long forgotten or frequently overlooked? Off list replies are appreciated, but on list replies might make it more interesting and increase the body of knowledge. It's your call.

Tom Martin
Oakland CA