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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 08:55:42 -0700
Subject: Re: [CR]Fenders
From: "Bill Bryant" <>
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on 6/18/03 8:48 AM, goodrichbikes at wrote:
> Jan posted:
> Why I like them: aerodynamic advantage, look nice, 10 minutes of rain can
> spoil your ride without fenders
> I'm a big fan of fenders. Obviously, not every bike looks good with
> fenders but some do. Everyone should have at least one bike set up with
> fenders. It's quite liberating to have a bike that you can ride in the rain
> comfortably. As to fenders offering an aerodynamic advantage, I'd love to
> see proof of this. I can't imagine that it's true and it would take more
> than anecdotal evidence to change my opinion.
> Curt who puts fender mounts on most of his frames Goodrich
> Minneapolis, MN

Yep, me too. I ride with fenders a lot and like the look of a "properly dressed" randonneuring bicycle. That said, I have never felt they offer any aerodynamic advantage. Quite the opposite, actually. Strong side winds or passing trucks shake the front end of the bike more with fenders than without. Like Curt, I would like to see the proof from Jan about his claim. After 30+ years in the bike game I have never heard this one before.

Bill Bryant
Santa Cruz, CA