Re: [CR]faliero was still building?

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Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 09:52:19 -0700
From: "Brian Baylis" <>
To: matteo brandi <>
Subject: Re: [CR]faliero was still building?
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Well, at this point I have no way to substantiate my feelings about what Faliero was doing when. Part of what I believe has to do with the general talk around the shop in Carlsbad. There wasn't that much talk, and we were not paying as close attention then as we are now. If what Matteo says is true, then the general talk at Masi Carlsbad about Faliero not having built frames for many years was not true. I can accept that. I can see the possiblity that Faliero would see to the building of frames for "special people" himself. So I'd like to know more about the "Faliero Masi" decal set that appears on your frame. Maybe Alberto can fill in where that set fits into the scheme of things, both timewise and purposewise. Do they denote actual Faliero built frames and nothing else? That would be good to know. Any more bikes or photos of "Faliero Masi" labled frames. I'm willing to accept your word on this and add this to the general body of information. I'd like to know a lot more about Falieros' personal framebuilding activities in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Matteo, can you keep your ears open for more information and your eyes open for more frames? Love to know more.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA

> i know,i know,another Masi thread
> Anyway,i was drivin by Poggiali's today so i decided to stop to say
> hi.WHile talkin to Poggiali,i was lookin at some of the bikes he had there
> waiting to get fixed,among them there was a MAsi 3v,waitin hi sturn.Seeing
> that masi ,made me want to ask some questions to Poggiali regardin
> Faliero.Poggiali,i asked,if i recal right u used to race with a Ignis
> labelled Masi and then with a GC right.Yes true,the IGnis in like
> mid-sixties and the Masi sammontana in the early 70s.So i asked if he knew
> if Faliero built his bike personally."u gotta be kidding me MAtteo,of course
> he did,first with the ignis the with the Sammontana one.When we went to
> milano to get all measured up for the bikes,i would find him with goggles
> on ,weldin,and usually he would be pissed becuz he had more than a frame to
> work and people to deal with,so for him,being from Firenze,was excuse to
> grab me and go for an espresso.Also VAn Loy ( Poggiali mentioned two other
> names,one of which was MErckx)used to have frames built by him,i remember
> he used to have like probably 4 frames made,one with longer chain stays,for
> races like the Roubaix,and one with shorter ones,for different races.Van
> loy would bring the frames back home unpainted,and there ,he would have
> them painted and labelled for the team he was ridin for"
> So Brian and crew,what should i think from now on,Was Faliero still building
> or not?should i believe Poggiali?( i never mentioned him anything about my
> masi or people that doubt about him building in the 70s)
> Still,nothing personal Brian,im doing this for the whole list,for historical
> purposes ,nothing,i m no tryin to have the last word,even though im on the
> side of a couple of kids in this list.In my opinion they "got the juice"
> regardin an old man that would still build a frame.............
> Time for me to check the steerer tube on the MAsi,i wanna see if something
> is stamped on it.
> Ciao
> Matteo Brandi Fiorenza Italia
> ps:im expandin my collection of skateboards(yes,not a Steinway or
> gibsons,and so?;P),so if any of u interested on sellin g or tradin,just
> gimme a holla!