Re: [CR]more [newbie] brake caliper tension - off to side?

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Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 14:22:06 -0400
From: "Grant McLean" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]more [newbie] brake caliper tension - off to side?
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To follow up on Aldo's suggestion, those "star" toothed washers help the brake bolt hold against the frame. If you need to take up some space on the threaded post to keep it from bottoming out, these washers hold really well. You should need to actually loosen the nut to move the center bolt into the correct position, and then retighten it in place. Like Brain said, the cable housing sliding in the frame guides can tug on the caliper, if it's not held firmly in place, the center bolt will move.

Grant McLean Toronto.Ca

Hi Paulie,

Are these "recessed" brake bolts? If so, are you certain the bolt isn't bottoming-out in the allen nut?

Aldo Ross (going downhill fast in) Middletown, Ohio

> Hi all,
> I keep running into what must be a classic problem with my various Campy sidepull brakes -- difficulty in centering. One book I have says the spring needs to be retensioned with use of a punch somehow, but it seems more like a question of centering the brake caliper body and re-tightening the nut. However at the moment, even when I do that, it doesn't work for more than one or two uses of the brake lever.
> Paulie "seemingly forever newbie" Davis
> In foggy (rainy?) Los Angeles, CA