re [CR]Super Champion Gentleman 81 clincher rims

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Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 07:44:31 -0500
From: "Steve Kurt" <>
Subject: re [CR]Super Champion Gentleman 81 clincher rims

From: "Mark J. Encarnacion" <> "Thanks for the reference. The model 58 is there, but I didn't see the Gentleman. Are they roughly the same dimension- and construction-wise?

Another question: Is the "Gentleman 81" the same as the "Gentleman", or were these distinct models? I see references to "Gentleman" but not "Gentleman 81" in the archives."

Hi Mark, To be honest, I've never heard of a Gentleman 81. My understanding was that "Gentleman" was synonymous with the model 58. The only variations of the model 58 that I saw was a change from red labels to blue labels, and I don't recall that there was a visible difference between them. Maybe someone else has more info??

Steve Kurt
Peoria, IL