Re: [CR]long cage nouvo? Sachs ARIS Freewheels?

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Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 06:16:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: Byron Morton <>
Subject: Re: [CR]long cage nouvo? Sachs ARIS Freewheels?
To: ADP <>,
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Ann, I ran a similar setup with a Rally (last generation type) with 42/52 and a Suntour 13-28 7sp freewheel (ramped like HG) and was very satisfied with the shifting performance. I have also run the same derailleur with a 13-32 with good results. As with all Campy derailleurs, chain length is critical and you may find that moving the wheel back in the dropouts will help keep the upper pulley from crashing into the big cog - it will take a bit of experimenting. Sachs Aris freewheels are a personal favorite. They don't shift as fast as a ramped fw, but they are not bad at all. The bonus is the teeth hold up much longer than modern ramped stuff. Cheers, Byron Morton Nasville, TN fwiw.... I've done some brevets in north GA..... are you sure that will be a low enough gear.... I ran a 14-32 with a 28-44-48.... perhaps I'm just a wimp..... ;-)

--- ADP wrote:

> I looked through the archives and I found a few

\r?\n> tantalizing references to

\r?\n> this, but no real instructions as to how to do it,

\r?\n> or if it really works.


\r?\n> I have a Rally rear and I have a mostly unused 1984

\r?\n> NR rear. It *looks*

\r?\n> like that long cage will come right off the Rally

\r?\n> and go on the

\r?\n> NR...? This would be too cool!


\r?\n> I'm trying to shift a 13-32 seven speed rear with

\r?\n> 42-52 front.


\r?\n> Yes, I know this is low gearing, but I'm envisioning

\r?\n> riding this bike on

\r?\n> some local centuries in N. GA that involve our

\r?\n> famous steep creekbed climbs.


\r?\n> And....


\r?\n> What is the general opinion on the Sachs Aris

\r?\n> Freewheel?


\r?\n> Ann Phillips, Decatur GA