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Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 13:21:53 -0700
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With regard to the double plate crown, does the use of this crown in any way date the early Carlsbad Masi's?? Brian??

I ask because I first remember seeing one on a Masi at Sea Schwinn Cyclery in Costa Mesa in either '71 or '72. Being a starving college student with a serious case of the bicycle Jones and desperate to find an upgrade from my Raleigh International to a 'real' road bike, I made the pilgrimage several times a week to push my nose against the glass and pester the manager to take the bike down off the wall so that I could examine every small detail as closely as possible.

What I do remember is that there were not a whole lot of those double plates on road bikes and that they were also not around for very long. Is there a cut off year we can assign to that crown?? Anyone?

-Bryant Bainbridge

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>> I happened across a 70's vintage Masi on e-bay and the seller
>> is claiming that the bike was sold to him as a Confente built Masi.
>> I was just wondering if Brian Baylis or someone else might like
>> to comment on this.
>> I don't want to dredge up the entire "who REALLY built it" thread
>> but this one begs the question.
> I wondered about this one myself. There appears to be no serial number
> (seller sent me a .jpg of the bottom bracket) and there are a few oddities.
> It has
> deep rear dropouts and a double plate fork crown, but it also has seat tube
> bottle bosses and a braze-on front derailleur hanger (added later maybe, just
> before the hideous repaint?). I'd like to know more about the bike... would
> really like to examine it in person to see if there's a hint of the serial
> number under the new paint.


> Bob Hovey

> Columbus, GA