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Subject: Re: [CR] 1975 PBP (was Super Champion Gentleman 81 clincher rims)
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BTW, I'll bet a lot CR folks don't know that Sheldon's wife, Harriet Fell, was among the group of four American riders who successfully finished the Paris-Brest-Paris 'Randonneurs' in 1975. These hardy pioneers were the first Americans to complete a PBP since Charly Miller finished fifth in the 1901 professional race. Harriet and the others opened the door for the rest of us who followed in their tracks-- this August there will be at least 500 US riders in Paris seeing if they can make the 1200 hilly kilometers in 90 hours.

CR content: She wrote a great account of randonneuring in bygone days at:

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on 6/20/03 10:41 AM, Sheldon Brown at wrote:
> Folks might be interested in the origin of the Franglais term "gentleman."
> This actually referred to an obscure type of racing occasionally seen
> in France. The event was a time trial for couples, with the woman
> generally drafting behind the man for the whole distance.
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