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Subject: Re: [CR]How to Build the Bates
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 21:42:21 -0500

Hey Dave ,

THANKS for asking !

I want to know too !

Quick , what's your rear spacing ? Does it have brazed-on shifter bosses ? Which dropouts does it have ?

I'm facing the same questions ! ( without the wonderfully sweet problem of having an almost perfect 50th Anniversary Group - lucky you ! )

I bought the bargain Bates frame set which Martin offered a while back . Thanks Martin ! What a FINE frame set !

Here's my dilemma :

Very vintage features Bates Cantiflex tubing Bates Diadrant front fork Bates / Rigida fender bosses and chrome bolts simply gorgeous lugs B/B shell has "oiler" ( grease nipple )

Sort of vintage features brazed-on down tube shifter bosses brazed-on fittings for 2 water bottle cages Campagnolo rear dropouts - late version of 1010B short

Not very vintage feature 130 mm rear spacing cable guides under the B/B shell

O.K. , now don't laugh . My idea ? Make it a 10-speed ! Use that 130mm spacing , with a Campy Chorus 10-speed hub & cogs , with a single chainring up front . The crankset is what you see from far away . So , why not make it a "vintage looking" crankset ? I could put on a brand new T.A. cyclo-cross single-ring crankset . Question - would the chain shift onto all 10 rear cogs ? Question - would the chain stay on the single front ring ( I could use the cyclo-cross guards ) ? Question - what would I have to do to the single T.A. chainring , to make it fit a narrow 10-speed chain ?

P.S. the chainstays measure 43 centimeters , from center of bottom bracket shell , to place in dropout even with center of derailleur hanger hole .

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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From: David Novoselsky
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Subject: [CR]How to Build the Bates

My new Bates just arrived (thank you Martin, it is great looking) and now, the issue of how to build it. I could go modern (Campy Record/Chorus) or use the NR group I have on hand or, here is a thought, I acquired a near perfect Campy 50th Ann group on a generic early 80s frame that is little used/practically new for a price so low that the group was a steal. The frame it is now afixed to is nice, but nothing that really lights my fire. Would I be wacko to put the 50th on the Bates, or should I go 'modern' or ????

I know ithe Bates is a 'new build' and know the debate that took place a few eons ago on this group and elsewhere on whether these Ron Cooper/Coopland bikes are 'real' Bates. I really don't care, it sure looks great and I am very pleased with it. Just want some input on your thoughts on what mechanicals to put on this bit of rolling artwork.

Dave Novoselsky
Chicago Illinois