Re: [CR]NOW: First Campagnolo box

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Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 09:39:08 -0700
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
To: CR <>
Subject: Re: [CR]NOW: First Campagnolo box
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Chuck Schmidt wrote:
> Steven Maasland wrote:
> >
> (cut)
> > Galletti: is the common Italian name give to wingnuts, so galletti
> > automatici should be interpreted to be automated wingnuts, i.e. Q/R.
> In the early Campagnolo catalogs and instruction sheets "Bloccaggio" is
> the "Quick Release".
> I still think galletti automatici refers to Tullio's patented adjusting
> wing nut on the end of the QR since he uses the word bloccaggio for QR.
> The part is described in the catalogs as "Gallettino di registrazione a
> pressione automatica brevettato" or "Patented automatic pressure
> adjusting wing nut" on the end of the QR.

You know, rereading my post I think you are right... galletti, gallettino... gallettino is just the individual part and galletti automatici is automated wingnuts, i.e. QR.

Was this before the QR was called a bloccaggio then?

Chuck Schmidt L.A.