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      Just to be correct: galletti- the plural form, masculine galletto- singular,masculine ino- is a diminutive suffix; as in a name, like for instance "Alfredo" becomes "Alfredino" (little Alfred) which is shortened by every one in the family to "Dino". Which is why a 246 Dino is not a Ferrari. But I digress.... gallettino- a little, or small, galletto "a" at the end is feminine singular "e"- feminine plural
      I believe the box is pre 1940 as due to the font style. Sort of Italian art nuveou/ art deco.
      My bet is that the first Campagnolo product made for public sale was packaged in this style box; i.e. what we would now refer to as "replacement" quick release axles with quick release squewers. And their is a set of n.o.s. axles in the box. I found her in Tommy Avenia's store in West Haverstraw, N.Y. about 7 years ago. Neat stuff! And whoever wants to see this little beauty (bellina) in the flesh is gonna have to come out to Pasadena in October for her next public appearance. Yes Dale, that means you. ciao, GianTindaro Pergolizzi New York, New York

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> Chuck Schmidt wrote:
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> > Steven Maasland wrote:
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> > (cut)
> > > Galletti: is the common Italian name give to wingnuts, so galletti
> > > automatici should be interpreted to be automated wingnuts, i.e. Q/R.
> >
> > In the early Campagnolo catalogs and instruction sheets "Bloccaggio" is
> > the "Quick Release".
> >
> > I still think galletti automatici refers to Tullio's patented adjusting
> > wing nut on the end of the QR since he uses the word bloccaggio for QR.
> > The part is described in the catalogs as "Gallettino di registrazione a
> > pressione automatica brevettato" or "Patented automatic pressure
> > adjusting wing nut" on the end of the QR.
> You know, rereading my post I think you are right... galletti,
> gallettino... gallettino is just the individual part and galletti
> automatici is automated wingnuts, i.e. QR.
> Was this before the QR was called a bloccaggio then?


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