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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 21:24:36 -0400
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The text of the auction states that the hubs are Shimano. As for the other stuff, who knows... I can't imagine why any one would use those Simplex wing nuts on another shifter, I've seen about 4 variations of Simplex shifters that used those wing nuts, perhaps there's more.

Anyone care to ask the seller for better images of the proper side of the bike? Not that any of this matters of course....

David Bilenkey Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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> Despite the black plastic wingnuts, I think those are Campy
> shifters. They
> are longer and more slender than the alloy Simplex Criterium shifters, and
> have lettering cast in like Campy. Also have green slip-on rubber covers,
> not the black hard plastic covers that seemed permanently bonded to the
> Simplex shifters. Maybe they used Simplex wingnuts on Campy shifters
> (Simplex threaded bosses, perhaps?) the only shifters that look that much
> like Campy are Zeus. I'm also pretty sure those are Campy front pedals,
> don't look like any French pedal I've ever seen. Could be Zeus
> Grand Sport.
> Could also be a Campy NR MKS or KKT clone, but given the general lack of
> Japanese equipment, I doubt it. The hubs are Campy or Campy clone. Could
> be early Dura-Ace as you say, or Zeus. I'm betting the
> non-French stuff is
> all Campy or, less likely, all Zeus. Front derailleur definitely
> Simplex as
> you say. Rear derailleur is anyone's guess. No plastic evident,
> so if it is
> Simplex, it is SLJ or other all-metal model.


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