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Subject: Re: [CR]TdF 1963, Masi, Campy, single chainring
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 12:57:46 -0400

Brian, That "someone" was me altzimer boy! I just installed one of these super rare bad boys on my 57-66? Masi Special that will be at Velo Rendevouz in Oct. The bike was discovered in Italy just a few months ago and sports an Agratti bottom bracket and Stronlight steel cottered cranks with a single 51 tooth ring. Installing the damn thing was a bear as the design of the unit is such that tightening each of the two nuts should move the unit in and out ,so to speek, and will therefore center it over and around the chainring. In theory. In reality the threads of the "axel" portion hang up against the holes of the clamp section. Just to get the axel through the clamp when mounting to the seat tube, the holes in the clamp MUST be enlarged with a reamer. ON MY N.O.S. UNIT!!!! AGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Oh yea, by the way, so that the front area of the threads of the axel don't chew up the back of the seat tube, the axel should be filed to a very "open C" up front with a half round dirty old bastard. The problem is the clamp is just not the "right" dimension. All this on MY N.O.S. UNIT!!!!! AGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! How priceless WAS that sucker? Please see page31 in catalogo #14 for part # "1039 - GUIDA CATENA". If ya ain't got the original, then order the repro complete one from Chuck Schmidt at Velo Retro.

thanks for reminding me of one of the most traumatic wrenching experiences of my 30 year career. DUHHHHHH.

John T..Pergolizzi

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> Jan,
> The Campagnolo 5 speed chain guide is a stock item. I had 5 of them I
> bought from Euro-Asia back in the late 70's. Unfortunately, I haven't
> any left that I can find. I was just talking about these things the
> other day with someone, but I forgot who. They are great for TT bikes of
> the "old style" where you ride your road bike with a single chainring
> and a bunch of light parts and wheels.
> Brian Baylis
> La Mesa, CA
> >
> > From the July/August 1963 issue of Le Cycle:
> >
> > A review of the technical aspects of the Tour de France. (The Tour
> > was won by Anquetil, first year of trade teams after the national
> > team formula was abandoned. Anquetil used the new plastic Simplex
> > derailleurs for the second half of the Tour.)
> >
> > Fabiero Masi (sic!) appears to have been there as part of the Ignis
> > team of Baldini. The Ignis guys were particularly proud of Baldini's
> > TT bike, which despite having a 61 cm frame, weighed only 7400 grams
> > (16.3 lbs.) (no, I haven't weighed the bike, and I doubt the weight
> > was independently verified). Lots of cut-outs, diminished lugs, and a
> > single chainring (54T) at the front.
> >
> > Interesting is a Campy chain guide, which prevents derailing the
> > chain (a common problem with single chainrings and many cogs on the
> > back).
> >
> > Has anybody ever seen such a device? There is a Rebour drawing, but
> > no photo. Looks like a smaller version of a front derailleur cage,
> > adjustable sideways. A little knob at the end to prevent the chain
> > from slapping and going under and out of the cage. It clamps to the
> > seat tube. Campy logo in the usual place. (Maybe this was a custom
> > piece made by Campy for this bike?)
> >
> > All the info, plus the dozens of Rebour drawings of various bikes and
> > details will be seen in a future issue of Vintage Bicycle Quarterly.
> > (VBQ isn't only about randonneuring!) Rebour offers a rare look into
> > the technology of the Tour bikes from various makers.
> >
> > The same magazine has an ad for the new Mafac Top 63 and Driver
> > cantilever brakes (so they probably were introduced around then), and
> > the TA ad mentions cranks and bottle cages.
> >
> > A Campagnolo ad says "Vicenza (Italy), Cognin (Savoie)" and lists a
> > distributor in Paris. So the French connection (whatever it was) was
> > alive and well. (According to Ernest Csuka of Alex Singer, FB also
> > was located in Cognin.)
> >
> > Jan Heine, Seattle