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Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 06:51:08 -0700 (PDT)
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Cannin' 'Dales

Personally all this classic discussion is quite humorous to me. Sorry maybe it's an age thingie. I certainly am in love with my 1982 Ciocc but I am equally in love with my 1999 DeRosa Planet (7003 Alu). I guess I can somewhat understand this romantic notion of what is classic based on some (rather) arbritary definitions. But personally as a bike racer I am wow'd my not only by the looks (who isn't?) but performance above all. What I think is awesome has been the innovation over the years. Racers demand innovation and and edge. Don't be silly, bike builders were not simply creating an artisitic esthetic, they were in a business to put pasta on the table for mamma and i figlie. Innovations are trickle down....pros demand new stuff and then builders pass it down so us bike lusters can have it (and the builders can pay for the R & D).

I have great love and memories for my "beer can" cannondales (the bike you guys love to trash). Actually I have had 3 of 'em (TT bike, Track, Road) and for racing their stiffness, responsiveness, and lightweight were/are fantastic. Their acceleration is unbelievable. So my love is not so much how it was made but the end result...how it raced. When I ride my '82 Ciocc time machine I love it but I can't imagine racing it after experiencing clipless pedals, STI shifting, hi-zoot wheels, and super light frames (not to mention hitech fabrics for jerseys, chamois, and super shoes of today).

Each era will be remembered for the innovations of the age fondly by those who are emotionally tied to that time frame. All eras will be classic eventually.

Giacomo Bellora Falls Church, VA

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