[CR]FS: Vintage and Newer Parts

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From: "Andrew Gillis" <apgmaa@earthlink.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 00:49:02 -0700
Subject: [CR]FS: Vintage and Newer Parts


I've been doing some spring cleaning and I've got both vintage and modern parts for sale. I'd appreciate your review and consideration of the list below. Shipping is extra at cost and I can shoot jPeg pictures for those interested in more detail. Reply off list, and thanks...

Andrew Gillis (Long Beach, CA)

VINTAGE 1. Campy BMX crank arms, 175mm, $25. (date code 1980). Good users; structurally sound, but the left arm has some road rash on the front face near the crank bolt. The right arm has no major cosmetic damage and appears to not have any cracks near the spider arms. The spider has not been filed. These arms were previously stripped of gold anodizing and then polished. Previously used as a road double crankset. Includes mismatched, anonymous set of road chainring nuts & bolts, possibly Sugino. 2. 144mm road chainrings. (unknown, probably Sugino) 42, medium wear ($5) & (probably Sugino) 52 heavy wear, free. Removed from item 1 preceding. 3. Campy NR rear derailleur (insert date). Medium patina, light scratches, no crash damage. Good structurally, no slop in pivots. Rusty cage spring, works OK $25 4. Campy NR steel road headset, English thread. Bottom race is heavily worn, but not dented. Medium + cosmetics, no rust. Good for light road use or display. $10. 5. Campy late down tube shifter set. Weathered but decent, no abuse. $3. 6. Weinmann 500 rear brake caliper, with replacement long modern black brake pads/shoes. Includes Weinmann 500-style brake lever, with Dia-compe black hood. Lever has button QR, and classic top-side cable routing. Might also work out OK for an allen mount fork drilling. $5 7. Shimano AX aero brake caliper. Very short 400 mm reach. Center shaft was originally for allen bolt front mount, but likely would work as a hex bolt mount rear. Has replacement long modern black brake pads/shoes. Includes Dia-Compe brake lever, with Dia-compe black hood. Lever has QR, and classic top-side cable routing. $5 8. Fixed gear cog, 20T x 1/8". Unknown brand, unknown threading (Italian or English). $5 9. Fixed gear chain, 1/8", standard half-inch pitch. Looks BMX-ish. $5 10. Red Silca frame fit pump, 44 cm body+ handle length (uncompressed). Includes weathered aluminum grip sleeve and plastic Silca air chuck. $3 11. Black Silca frame fit pump,45.5 cm body + handle length, uncompressed. Includes aluminum grip sleeve. No air chuck, $3. 12. Aluminum 'Gina Monobloc' frame pump. Missing the screw-in air hose. Fits a frame with end clips. $1. 13. Shoes. Duegi 112 size 38. White sides, black instep and heel. A snazzy summer shoe. Classic cleats. NIB, $10. 14. Campy spray chain oil. Two NIB cans available, This stuff is great for rainy weather or corrosive conditions, and a dirt magnet for dusty conditions. $5 each. 15. Japanese "Kashimax" saddle, a San Marco "Concor" copy. Scuffed up a bit on the left nose and left rear corner. Originally from a Univega. $1 16. Suntour Superbe microadjust seatpost. I need to measure this but it looks like 27.0 mm diameter. Shaft length 225 mm, pretty scratched up but looks decent for the top 5 - 9 cm of the shaft. $3.


1. One pair of Mavic MA-3 rims, 36 hole, black. These are new take-offs, and the anodizing is perfect for both. One rims is slightly used, with light scratching on a couple of locations on the sides (shopwear) and very slight side discoloration due to very light brake pad contact (not really any wear). The other rim has no brake pad contact or markings. These black rims retail for at least $40 each (silver are at least $30 each). $40 for the pair.. 2. 3ttt Competition handlebar (1990s). This bigger, deeper bar is approx 45.5 cm outer-outer. 1 groove with light gray anodizing (faded in the center sleeve on both sides of the stem). 8 cm horiz c-c, and 15 cm vertical c-c. $10. No scratching or apparent misuse. 3. 3ttt Morphe Randonneur handlebars, 44 outer-outer. This modern 2 groove bar gives a short, comfortable high position. Silver anodized 7075 heat treated alloy, about 250g. Two new sets available, $30 each, NIP. Also, one used set available, $10. Bars are about 7.5 cm horizontal c-c and 12 cm vertical c-c. Angle above the brake levers is 15 degrees, giving a high and comfortable position. 4. Selle San Marco Strada 'Soft' Titano 200 saddle. NIB, in sealed wrapper. This modern saddle is the last of the plain styled saddles with extended flanks to cover the top of the seat post. 14.5 cm wide at the back. $40(?)