Re: [CR] Was Centerpull hanger now Mafac Clarification

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Subject: Re: [CR] Was Centerpull hanger now Mafac Clarification
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 09:09:28 -0400

<Snip> BTW: Not to start a long debate of whether Mafacs are good stoppers or not because I can see it coming!............With a little finess Mafacs are good stoppers.

Not wanting to bash Mafacs either. I don't happen to have a set at the time. When I did. . . I did the following things to spice them up. Changed hangers for the cable stop on the front. I liked the rear cable hanger and still use it on a Weinmann set up. Fiddled with the toe in and Voila a good set of stoppers.

I don't use them now because my hands didn't comfortably span the levers on the drop position. I found that the Weinmann levers worked better for me than the Universal and Mafac. I picked up a set of Mafac Flat Bar brake handles about a year ago. I think about the great deal that Renaissance has on the brakes and am tempted.

The other brake that looks interesting to me are the GB centerpulls and the Beborex side pull with the rolley thingy to increase mechanical advantage.

Howard Darr
Clymer PA