Re: [CR]Field Expedient Front Center Pull Cable Stop

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Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 16:13:15 -0400
To: "Thomas R. Adams, Jr." <>,
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Subject: Re: [CR]Field Expedient Front Center Pull Cable Stop

At 11:58 PM +0000 6/28/03, Thomas R. Adams, Jr. wrote:
>For various reasons, I want to use a set of center pull brakes
>(Mafac Racers) on a frame that has a Campy NR headset installed and
>no room for a normal Centerpull housing stop in the headset. The
>fork appears to be trimmed too short (threads on the lock nut only
>2/3 engaged and no spacers in the headset) to accomodate even the
>thin Mafac hanger. I can replace the headset with a lower stack
>headset like a Ritchey that would leave room for the hanger, but
>that option doesn't really appeal to me. I'd like to keep the
>appearance fairly traditional and early 60's. Hence the Mafacs and
>Campy headset.
>What options are there for obtaining a hanger on this bike? Can I
>put the hanger on top of the lock nut, and attach it to the nut?
>Could you remove it later?

We've got hangers that clamp on to the quill of the stem, $11.95 if memory serves.
>Can I grind down one of the headset components to make the room?
>(least favored option as it degrades the condition of the headset).

I wouldn't recommend this, if there aren't enough threads, there aren't enough threads.

Might be possible to find a headset with a lower stack height though.
>Or should I drill a cable route/stop through the stem? The stem is
>a Nitto Technomics with a 9cm extension. Would a drilled Nitto stem
>be safe? How big do you make the top and bottom holes? How far out
>on the extension do you drill?

Don't do it. Could cause a stress riser. The risk is fairly low, but the stakes are very high.

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