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Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 20:25:57 -0400
Subject: [CR]Re: laminated rims

I have wooden sewup rims on my track bike and my wife's Paramount. I put them on the Paramount because of complaints about a harsh ride. I am not sure how much of a difference they made. They sure look cool, though.

Two things that I discovered about wooden rims. First, it is hard to get them true and to stay true. You will likely need to lower your standards a little in that department. A single spoke in a lightweight aluminum rimmed wheel has much more localized effect than on a wooden rimmed wheel. You might find it difficult to obtain high tension on the spokes. I have been told that this was the primary reason why wooden rimmed bikes often had tied and soldered spokes; to keep the spokes from rubbing together and making noise. Second, modern brake pads are not really designed for wooden rims. They tend to grab more, and to transfer to the rim. This may vary, depending on the rim's finish material.

There are concerns that a severe impact could shatter a wooden rim, where a metal rim will bend, not break into sharp pieces. The way my wife rides, that's not likely to be a problem.

Steve Barner, Wooden Bike & Ski Touring Center, Bolton, Vermont

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> I've largely ignored the recent subject string on wooden rims because I'd
> never even heard of such a thing .............. but Thurs. I saw a lovely Bruce
> Gordon track bike with wood (tubular) rims and realized how cool a concept it
> is. With modern epoxy and proper laminates, rims like this could be a viable
> (and elegant) option. I'm calling the local bowyer (archers have access to an
> amazing selection of rare woods) to see how feasible it would be to have a set
> fabricated.
> Also the maiden/ressurection ride of Masi 0264 is tomorrow ..... on
> "period incorrect" red Torelli PGV 700x23s.
> bob "hope it don't rain" williamson
> houston