Re: [CR] Bates Volante on eBay

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Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 12:31:12 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR] Bates Volante on eBay

'Enlightenment IS badly needed........... Mr.Needleman ..What is your problem? I am the vendor of this frameset. It was built for me some 6 years ago by Ron Cooper along with some 200 plus others. I owned the rights to build these fine frames until handing them over to Martin Coopland of Classic Bikes last year. Over the 60 plus years that these frames have been produced, they have been built with 'Normal' Reynolds tubing, as well as the(more commonly) Cantiflex Reynolds. See the Bates 'Club' model in your catalogue and you hopefully begin to be enlightened. The same applies to the fork blade design. There was never such a thing as 'Standard finish'..there may have been similarities, but it was always customer choice. This frame was built to MY SPECIFICATION ..I owned the rights..I could do/specify whatever I wanted....AND IN THIS CASE DID.!!!!!! The 1950s decals are COPIES....of originals. They are attractive and colourful and I think add to the overall excellence of the frame. Can I ,at this point clear -up a few things. Ron Cooper has built every Bates frame..Cantiflex or otherwise since 1985
    Bates frames are sequentiality numbered (with a few exceptions) from 1936-2003 These numbers were issued by Peter Bates and indeed are still recorded by him today. I am NOT going to get into the similar debate that went on for ages about Hetchins etc etc. Just to say ..the above are FACTS from someone who KNOWS. I trust the above clarifies the matter. Ray Etherton ...IF YOU PAY THE MONEY YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU PLEASE Maldon, UK.