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I have an 1893 ladies Lenox with original hard-as-rock and totally flat unobtainium tires. It has wooden rims, a wooden fender, cord skirtguard, and a front spoon brake. The frame design is quite weak, and the seat tube is bent because of it, no doubt after very few miles, judging from its condition. I bet it would ride terribly and be unsafe. Under your mantra, do you suggest I make up some tires and ride it or, since it would be a lousy rider, should I just throw it away? It doesn't look like you value the idea of my just keeping it in its current condition as evidence of technology of the past.

Classic content: it's a lugged frame with very lightweight tubing and the tires were glued on. The bike is extremely light--was Lenox a constructeur?

Steve Barner, enquiring minds want to know, Bolton, Vermont

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> I think that anyone who knows me would agree that I rarely
> "agree with the party line" ... any party line. I'm here
> to learn of the history, and gain perspective on what has
> changed over the years. My oldest bike, on the other hand,
> is vintage 1997 ... and about the only way I'll ever acquire
> a 1971 Masi is if someone presents me one, "just cuz".
> I figure pre-turn of the 21st century is good enough for me
> from a vintage standpoint ... and bikes is for ridin', not
> sittin'.
> Put it this way ... if I acquired a pristine Confente in my
> size, I'd ride it. In the rain. On purpose. That way it
> would lose its "oooh ... must protect the value at all costs"
> lustre right off the bat.



> Steven L. Sheffield