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Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2003 21:22:23 -0700
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Subject: [CR]Huntington Beach Concours report and photos link

Ideal weather and good company surrounded by stunning cars made for a pleasant way to spend a Sunday displaying some very nice old bikes at the HB Concours d'Elegance in southern CA. Not really huge numbers of us displaying bikes (three, actually) but quality before quantity applies here. As Charles Andrews observed, the bikes that were brought made an excellent display on the evolution of the racing bike beginning with a '27 Automoto representing the pre-derailleur days, an Allegro with an Oscar Egg Super Champion changer, a James with a Cyclo derailleur, Gino Londi's Umberto Dei with a Vittoria Margherita and Legnano with a Cambio Corsa , A '55 Gillott with Campy Gran Sport and Charles' Record equipped Masi Special. Charles also brought his Swiss Condor in amazing original condition (Charles, I have your 1st in Class award) Taking home the beautiful crystal trophy for Best in Show/Peoples Choice was Gino's Legnano. The organizers also gave him a matching trophy they owed hi m for taking top honors last year with the U. Dei. Those cups would make nice parts containers on Gino's workbench. Lots of people stopped to look at the bikes, with an interesting number of inquiries about the Cambio Corsa. Dave Staub stopped by, fresh from a dream trip to Italy. Here's a link to the event website:


and a link to photos on YahooPhotos:


Jay Van De Velde Seal Beach, CA BTW, the automotive Best in Show, a 1950 Ferrari 166 MM, one nice little grocery getter.