Delta brakes; was Re: [CR]Boston NY area help

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Subject: Delta brakes; was Re: [CR]Boston NY area help
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2003 20:25:41 -0400

I recognize that these don't quite make the CR cutoff date but there are a moderate number of classically constructed frames sporting these. Here are a few links that might be useful:

I've got a set of CDA Deltas that will eventually go on my Cinelli Super Corsa. I'll bet I'll be calling Peter Jon White when I fail to get them right... Feedback on the tips and instructions at the above links would be nice. Also, how critical are the model-specific brakepads/holders? I don't have any so I'd like to know what works with them.

Thanks, Charlie

Charles T. Young
Honeybrook. PA

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Subject: [CR]Boston NY area help

> Salve!
> Im helping a friend gettin his MAsi 3v assembled with c -record parts.I gave
> him delta Brakes,but he is trouble with the tuning !Anyone in the
> BOston,Chelmsford,Ny area can suggest a shop to callto fix his problem?
> Thanx in advance for ur help!
> Matteo BRandi Firenze ITalia