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Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 12:33:01 EDT
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>But ,

>The chances .

>The odds .

>The percentages .

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No prob... nice to get your reply quick (I'm on digest mode and usually have to wait).

I totally dig what you're saying about probabilities. However, pure sentimentality makes me want to think Faliero picked up the torch, or at least put his hand in (as described in Steven Maasland's message). Besides, I think at least some of the "probabilities" go out the window when you factor in the nostalgia felt by any serious person when they get older. I gave up a thriving pottery studio years ago to get a job with health insurance because of my handicapped daughter. These days, you can bet that whenever I go to craft fairs and sombody offers me a few minutes on their wheel, I take it and go home dirty and with tears in my eyes.