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Subject: [CR]Re: Did Ernesto Colnago work for Masi

Did Ernesto Colnago work for Masi? Those Gentleman where friends and did many projects thruout thier careers together including grooming Mario Confente to be the Icon of builders.

The last contact I had with Ernesto was Nearly 25 Years ago so my memory is dim.

I do believe that Ernesto worked under Faliero at one time or at least gained his mentorship.

Ernesto is a wonderful intellegent man and deserves a Magnum of respect.

Freddy Parr

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>It is my understanding that both Faliero and Colnago worked for the
>Gloria Bicycle Co. in Italy. I assume considering the differences in age
>that it would have been at different times. Perhaps that information
>morphed into Colnago worked for Masi. It's not anywhere near impossible,
>but I'd never heard that Colnago built frames for Masi. I suppose all it
>would take is for someone (Brett Horton maybe) to ask Ernesto that
>question. Knowing Ernesto just a little bit, that might be a "sensitive"
>question, although it's obvious who's on top now.
>I would be interested in learning the early history of the Colnago
>company. I'm sure the information is available.


>Brian Baylis

>La Mesa, CA