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Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 13:51:03 -0700
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]new member profile
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Mitch Harris wrote:
> (cut)
> --Lately I've been using non-campy 144 bcd. rings for my riding, and been
> questioning the wisdom of riding some of my campy stuff that's become
> valuable. I used to enjoy the sensible frugality of riding my N.Record in a
> group of Dura Ace spendthrifts. Now I wonder whether I'm the spendthrift by
> riding it.

Welcome to the list Mitch!

There is so much N.R. Campagnolo stuff out there and it's so readily available on eBay for what I consider very reasonable prices and so little of it getting worn out by riding it, that there is no problem with actually _using_ the stuff in my opinion.

My theory: If I don't use it... who will??? And I'm USING IT!!!

Chuck "me first, but I don't see anyone waiting in line behind me" Schmidt South Pasadena, CA

ps The only thing I have worn out is headsets, cogs, chains, rims, tires & tubes.