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Hey, hey, Raoulie-boy!

One of these days, POW! To the moon!

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> cool !


\r?\n> But are you sure it was Raoul Garza , and not Raul Garza ?


\r?\n> Generally Raoul is the French spelling , and Raul is the Spanish

\r?\n> spelling .


\r?\n> But then , in the Caribbean , or in the Pyrenees , things have

\r?\n> gotten all confused and criss-crossed .


\r?\n> Raoul = Français


\r?\n> Raul = Español


\r?\n> Rolf = Deutsch


\r?\n> Ralph = English


\r?\n> Santé ,

\r?\n> Raoul Delmare

\r?\n> Marysville Kansas U.S.A.


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\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > On Tue, 10 Jun 2003 18:02:45 EDT writes:

\r?\n> > Ok, so how does one tell a Mexican Benotto from an Italian made one?

\r?\n> > Pete Geurds

\r?\n> > Douglassville, PA

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > one has salsa. one has tomato gravy.

\r?\n> > btw, the mexican frames were made by raoul

\r?\n> > garza and family.

\r?\n> > e-RICHIE

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