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Mary Fulton @ Davidson College in Davidson, NC

My first and only bike is a Stella Sx-6 that belonged to my aunt when she was younger and I have been fixing it up. it's in pretty good shape with everything original (are far as i can tell) except the tubes and tires. I am having a few problems that i was hoping someone could offer advice on, the bike was stored in a warehouse for years and was covered in greasy dirt I have gotten most of it off just by wiping but some of it is more stubborn and I need a way to get it off without damaging the paint, as the bike predates me by quite a bit I have am having trouble with shifting gears I believe I understand how it works but I only get one shift and I am wondering if I should take it to a bike shop to have this looked at, and lastly more of a in general question the rear brake is too loose and try as i may i can't get it tighter is there so trick to that? Any way sorry for ramblings, I'm very new to cycling as a sport.

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