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Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 13:06:02 -0700
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]1983 and all that
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Kris Green wrote:
> Howdy, Greg. Welcome to the list.
> Regarding your 1983 question; the list-keeper bumps the limit every year to keep
> it 20 years back, but there were some interesting forces at that time: (cut)
> --Specialized introduced the Turbo line of tires, and Mavic the GP4
> high-performance clincher rim, offering an alternative to sewups.

Actually this happened quite a few years earlier. Michelin intro'd the Elan folding light weight clincher around 1975(?) and Mavic made the matching Mod. E ("E" = Elan) rim. There were also narrow clincher rims (13mm inner /19mm outer width) by Super Champion /Wolber, Ambrosio, etc.

The Mavic GP4 was actually a sew-up/tubular rim.

Chuck Schmidt L.A.