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Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 09:14:41 -0400
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The only thing I'd like to add is that it's a single strip wide but it usually (at least on my bikes) multiple wrappings to make it thicker and actually provide a bit of a cushion. This of course only works with cloth, padded vinyl or 'cork' tapes. Don't expect any protection from Benotto cello!

Although more common on track bikes I have it on a few of my road bikes as well, and in fact it's a good way to hide a dent that was put in the TT by a previous owner, as my orange '76 Marinoni will attest. :-)

David Bilenkey Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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> Greg asked:
> > I hate to show my ignorance, but.. At the Cirque this year &
> > periodically 0n ebay I have seen bikes with a single band of what
> > appears to be cloth bar tape wrapped around the top tube 6 or so
> > inches from the headtube. What function does this serve? The only
> > thing I could think of was some type of sweat catcher. If that is
> > the purpose I would have to wrap most of my top tube. I seem to
> > dribble sweat all over the front half of my bike.
> This is more common on Track bikes. It is placed where the handlebars
> would come into contact with the top tube. It is a good idea on any
> bike that gets transported frequently.
> Steven Maasland
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