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If I am not mistaken this was somewhat common practice at the time. That is, a manufacturer supplying a bare chassis to a custom sheet metal fabricator. I think it was also true that (for whatever reason); certain of these "coachbuilders" were heavily influenced by American "styling" of the day. So, I agree with the below, though I really hope it is not an Alfa, as someone else suggested. Although those headlamps are sexy... Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)

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That front design is typical of progressive, late thirties American styling, except that the grill is horizontal. It's no European design unless it's some custom job copying the Lincolns & Plymouths of the era.

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> So . . . I have no idea what the car is. There were other French
> manufacturers at the time, but I don't know what their models looked
> like.
> (Panhard? Simca? It doesn't look like a Renault. . . .)
> But Aldo's got my curiosity up, for sure!
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