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Subject: [CR]Re: Normandy Luxe Axles

Now that you mention it, I recall we used to have to push the dustcap off these to get them to fit the hubs that had the red plastic dustcaps. I think the cut of the rear cone was the same, but the front cone of the Luxe had a different profile. I remember it being real hard for us to find ground replacement cones for Normandy hubs, which made them unpopular. Some of the cones we got in left a gap between the edge of the cone and the dustcap, leaving them prone to get dirt in the bearings.

Steve Barner, Bolton, Vermont

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\r?\n> The only pair of Luxe Competition hubs I've personally

\r?\n> fondled has plastic dustcaps and plain cones, not the

\r?\n> cones with nesting dustcaps like these. Were

\r?\n> there variations?


\r?\n> I do have some Maillard hubs that have this

\r?\n> nested dustcap arrangement, with "Sealed Etanche"

\r?\n> printed on the outer cap. They don't feel as

\r?\n> smooth in the hand as the Luxe Competion with

\r?\n> plain cones. On the other hand, they feel fine

\r?\n> on the road and the labyrinth seal is nice when

\r?\n> it rains.


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\r?\n> Craig Sandvik

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