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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 08:01:53 -0400
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Hello CR, I have two 1972 Supers. I discovered that the serial # on each indicates 1972, which seems to be a no-brainer in IDing these early Colnagos. Do other listers 70-73 Colnago serial #s indicate year? I'd be curious to know.

Both of my bikes have long inside fork crown tangs, but one has the 3 hole cutouts in the tang, one does not. Neither of my 1972's have the oval cutout in the bb shell.

-Dan Borden in Brookline, MA

At 8:45 PM -0700 6/11/03, Brian Baylis wrote:
>My '70 does not have the oval cutout. I also have a '74 that does not
>have the oval. I had another '74 that did have the cutout. I normally
>look at the fork to determine the age of the early ones when the bike
>has been repainted. That doesn't always neccessarily work either; the
>'74 I still have has no fork tang at all (never seen that before), no
>holes in crown but does have club engraved in the top of the crown. I
>think in '75 they began the engraving of the word Colnago along with the
>club in the crown. I see the club in the fork tang of the bike in
>question also which I think is '74. Having discussed the minor
>variations in Colnagos during any given year with a few Colnagophiles we
>have concluded that these things did happen. The other '74 I had was
>unusual in that two of the lugs had the club cutout (the DT and ST
>lugs!) when normally the bikes from '73 were the last to have cutouts in
>all three lugs and in '74 there is only one in the DT lug. Perhaps the
>frame is later in '74 as opposed to earlier. I wouldn't be surprised if
>the '75's all had the oval. I'm still in favor of '74.
>Brian Baylis
>La Mesa, CA
>> Perhaps not worth mentioning but my 1973 (or 1974) Colnago Super has a
>> slightly different BB where the down tube meets; mine does not have an oval
>> cutout like the one pictured in the photo of the bottom bracket:
>> Angel Garcia
>> Long Valley, NJ
>> snip:
>> Looks to be 1974.
>> Brian Baylis
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