[CR]Detailed description of my Colnago

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From: "Angel M Garcia" <wa2vuy@mindspring.com>
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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 11:34:26 -0400
Subject: [CR]Detailed description of my Colnago

Below is a detailed description of my unbuilt, all original, Molteni Orange Colnago Super frame and fork. It was purchased 9 Jan 1976 at Radsport Schertl in Nurnberg, Germany; I have the original receipt. It was "hanging" in the shop; not known how long. I sent a picture to Colnago and they said it was a 1973 or 1974. The decal arrangement is the same as a photo I have of Baronchelli riding his Colnago in 1973.

It has a "16" on the drive side rear dropout.

a)Top of crown fork: Colnago club (recessed/carved) in black on each side; b)Inside Crown fork: reinforcing tangs, each side, with black Colnago club recessed/carved) b1) there is a black club recessed/carved on the top of the down tube lug that connects to head tube c) head tube decal (not badge): Club with R at 4 o'clock; Colnago under club d) Down tube: Colnago on either side; each letter is in black surrounded by yellow; 1 pair water bottle screw holes e) Seat tube: Center: decal: Colnago club surrounded by wreath; R below wreath, Colnago above wreath. Above and below this decal are a set of championship stripes which are as follows: championship stripes come to a square that has Colnago club; top line says MARCA DEI CAMPIONI and bottom line says ERNESTO COLNAGO CAMBIAGO. f) Above the top championship decal is a Columbus decal g) the BB has brazed on cable guides on the top side of BB h) Colnago Super decals on both chainstays; these are more blue than black and also have yellow around each letter i) the BB has a club cut out underneath j) not sure convention for measuring dropouts; I measure 4.5 mm from the back of the dropout to the opening of the dropout. k) frame is Molteni Orange, 57 c-t-c

Angel Garcia
Long Valley, NJ