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Subject: [CR]Re: Holding a vintage bike in a repair stand

I'll concur with Dale on this one. If I ran a shop, I would institute a shop rule that no one is allowed to ever clamp a painted tube. The problem with the Park stands is that they are too low to clamp onto the seatpost and have the bike at a comfortable working height, even for a runt like me. That's where the attachment comes in handy, as it adds several inches in elevation. The double-arm Park shop stands have a vertical adjustment, but both mechanics have to agree on the working height.

Steve Barner, Bolton, Vermont

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> << Those Park shop repair stands have probably wrinkled more seat tubes and
> mangled more decals than any others. They are especially brutal on
> repainted bikes that have not had special curing. When you find yours, be
> sure to invest in Park's attachment that expands inside the seat tube to
> hold the bike. It does not hold the bike as firmly, but it could save you
> from unpleasant surprises. >>
> I dislike using that Park inside-the-seat-tube expander tool; it is kind of
> floppy and imprecise, although once installed it works OK, it is often awkward
> to remove. Then as Steve mentions, it is not very stable in use. It tends to
> twist about, risking whacking the frame on the rest of the stand.
> It is a lot smarter to just absolutely once and for all, get in the habit of
> NEVER clamping the seat tube or top tube but always clamp the seat post. Even
> if you have to loosen it and extend it to the point where you have enough seat
> post exposed to clamp. Then use a stand which extends up high enough to work
> on the bike at chest level.
> To that end, I HIGHLY recommend the Ultimate stand ...over the Park. I sell
> and work with both at CDO. Ultimate makes two models the Pro and the Consumer
> and both are excellent. They can adjust high enough for even Mark Petry and
> have an excellent clamping head. (Ultimate are famous for their sound, lighting
> and stage craft fixtures.)
> http://ultimatesupport.com
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