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Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 11:55:00 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR]Normandy Luxe Axles

Craig Sandvik wrote:
> > For you non-Campy folks out there; I think the
>> axle sets in this auction are
>> for the Normandy Luxe Competition rear hubs.
>The only pair of Luxe Competition hubs I've personally
>fondled has plastic dustcaps and plain cones, not the
>cones with nesting dustcaps like these. Were
>there variations?
>I do have some Maillard hubs that have this
>nested dustcap arrangement, with "Sealed Etanche"
>printed on the outer cap. They don't feel as
>smooth in the hand as the Luxe Competion with
>plain cones. On the other hand, they feel fine
>on the road and the labyrinth seal is nice when
>it rains.

Those are not Luxe Compétition, they're for the regular Normandy/Atom/Maillard hubs. They'll also fit the ubiquitous older Normandy Sport hubs if you knock off the pressed on dust caps from the cones.

The Luxe Compétition cones have a much more gradual taper. Even when Luxe Compétition was a current model, I never saw replacement cones offered by any supplier as a repair part, hélas.

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