Re: [CR]frame repair/downtube replacement?

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Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 21:27:46 -0700
From: Brian Baylis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]frame repair/downtube replacement?
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Try listmember Ed Litton. Last we talked, he was kinda busy; but anyone who is good is pretty slammed with work to do.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA

> Left work today looking forward to a relaxing commute home and discovered to
> my horror that my bike had somehow been trashed at it's parking space next to
> Chicago's lakefront bikepath.Felt like I lost my best friend.
> It happens to be my favorite ride,of course,a Sekai Pro 4000.All chrome
> frame,black paint setting off the beautiful lugs and seatstay treatment.Very
> spare with minimal brazeons and set up perfectly as a single speed commuter.I
> get more compliments on this bike than all the others put together.
> It's suffering from a major dent(with some points or edges,no small ding)on
> the downtube where a shifter brazeon would normally be located.This caused by
> my bike lock wedging against the frame.
> I'm looking for recommendations for this type of frame repair(downtube
> replacement?) in the Chicago area.Anybody have work done in the past at Yellow
> Jersey in Madison Wi.?I guess I could ship it anywhere;mostly looking for a
> way to bring it back to life without spending so much as to make it
> unaffordable,and since it's a chromed frame there will be at least a 3 tube
> paint job and much masking involved.No Cyclart referrals please.I'd like to
> try someone new,having gone this route before on a restoration.
> Seems like lots of you folks know local builders and bike shops and obscure
> repair shops that do really good work reasonably.All recommendations would be
> most welcome.And of course if any of our esteemed list members who happen to
> do this type of work would be willing to take on something of this nature I'd
> love to hear from them.Thanks to all in advance,
> Todd "even beer can't kill the pain" Kielman
> Chicago Il.