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Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 18:03:14 EDT
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> The Ultima BMX Group. (or, how Italians lost a lot of money on BMX):
> Campagnolo- hubs, cranks, pedals, BB.
> Cinelli- CMX-1 tig welded dbl butted frameset, forged stem, headset,
> saddle
> Clement- tubular tires
> Columbus--tubeset
> Regina--chains and freewheels
> Tom: Across the bay from you at American Cycles there's a Cinelli BMX
> bike w/ all of these RAD!! parts on it.
> Jack Bissell
> Tucson Az

We dreamed of one day putting those parts together and have almost enough to build our silver, blue, and red that way. I don't remember a BMX type headset coming from Cinelli. Iam always on the lookout for spares Larry