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Skip , and his wife Vicky , were in Austin , specifically South Austin ( always a rumor about how South Austin may suddenly decide to succeed . . . ) .

Now they are in Wimberly , just up into "The Hill Country" , not too far away from Austin .

In the early-to-middle 1980's , I was lucky enough to able to "oooh and ahhh" over some of Skips best work . I'm still not over getting to play with the World Land Speed Record bicycle .

He was best known for trying to satisfy the most demanding demands of the most demanding customers . If they wanted the World's tightest clearances , he tried to comply .

Did quite a few steel frames with steel aero tubing . Those very special seat-posts were sold , one single seat-post per set of tubing . For a while , those delicate aero posts , for the steel aero tubing , were a precious commodity .

And the pearlescent paint !!

Skip finally had to make a rule that he would only do his fanciest paint jobs on frames he had made himself . No pearlescents on non-Hujsak frame sets !

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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> As a Texas resident, I remember that Hujsak was definately around in the
> early to mid 80's, maybe earlier. He was either in the Dallas/FW or Austin
> area then. I seem to remember that he was known for pretty tight and steep
> geometry, and also for the willingness to build very large frames. Also
> think I remember a clever little decal he used that said "Hecho en Tejas",
> sort of a parody of the "Hecho en Mexico" decal on the Windsor Pros of the
> time.
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> Jerry Moos
> Houston, TX
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> > anyone know anything about a frame builder named Hujack? how long has he
> > been around, good quality build, etc? Any info would be appreicated.......
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> > Tom Martin
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