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Subject: Re: [CR]Drakkar Noir Bike or Connie Carpenter at '84 Olympics
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 12:10:29 -0500

That bow & arrow logo .

The tangled web of which company owned what other company , to what degree , when , and for how long . . . It's not worth trying to figure it all out .

But , we HAVE seen bicycles from Puch . And we HAVE seen bicycles from Austro-Daimler .

A good old friend of mine has a beautiful A-D Vent Noir bicycle ( the one with the impervious , smoked-chrome , finish ) .

These names have all been joined , at some time , in some way , in the automobile making business :

Audi Auto Union Austro Daimler Puch Steyr

( and if you really want to get confused , try sorting out the connections , and dis-connections , between Daimler of England , Austro Daimler , and Daimler Mercedes ! )

But , that bow & arrow symbol is an Austro Daimler symbol . They were using it for the hood ornaments of automobiles , way back in the 1930's . And they used it on the head badges of bicycles ! The bow is an obvious upper case D for Daimler . I've always guessed that the pointed head of the arrow was an upper case A ( on its side ) for Austro . But then , I see faces and interesting shapes in the clouds too . . .

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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> We had a customer come in the shop today with a road bike labeled "Drakkar
> Noir" (apparently a promotional product offered by the fragrance company).
> A sticker on the seat tube says "Made by Velo Schauff in W-Germany."
> The hubs, derailleurs, shifters, and crank are Shimano, and all except the
> hubs have kind of a bow and arrow logo engraved and filled in gold. The
> date codes on the Shimano stuff appear to be IB and ID which would put it in
> 1984, just outside the timeline. The brakes and brake levers are Weinmann.
> The bars are L&E.
> Overall, the bike looks pretty good. Any info on Velo Schauff or the
> Shimano components?
> Todd Kuzma
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