Re: [CR]Zeus left arms

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Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 16:21:45 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Zeus left arms

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<< Anyone have any experience riding cranks with slightly different arm

lengths? >>

Jerry and All,

As a matter-of-fact, many years ago I had a friends bicycle in for an overhaul, and since he was going to be away for a week, I rode the thing (Trek 710) for a few days before I started working on it. The bike felt pretty good - needed tires and bar wrap, but I really didn't notice anything alarming wrong. After taking it all apart (new bearings, etc.) I noticed the crankarms were 170mm and 175mm with the left the longer of the two. I hadn't noticed anything unusual when I had ridden it earlier in the week, but the next time I took it out (after the work) the "balance" seemed off??? Mind over matter??

My friend claimed he had never changed crankarms, but he was not the original owner!

As Mr. H. Sachs often adds.......YMMV.


Chuck Brooks
Malta, NY