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Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 18:40:39 -0500

About those rear-facing rear fork ends -

I'm thinking that if you were to take a very slightly damp paper towel , or a very slightly damp piece of thin cloth , and rub it on the steel , hard and fast , like you were polishing the metal , and then held those flat pieces of steel up to bright light , so that you could see every tiny imperfection on the surfaces . . . You just might see the faint letters spelling out CHATER , or , CHATER LEA .

The name was quite often stamped very-very faintly .

And yes , those little nubs at the open ends , are for end-caps , which mate-up with chain tensioning bolts .

I'll send you photos of a couple of different styles of those , off list .

And congratulations ! Nice parts !

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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Subject: [CR]Help ID these frame parts.

> I have some frame parts that I'd like some help IDing. Pictures can be
> found here:
> The dropouts I didn't think were anything special until I saw them on
> Craig Montgomery's '52 Viking path-racer, pictured here:
> Also any info on what the little tabs on the end were used for would be
> nice. I don't think they're part of the stamping process, chain
> tensioner maybe. The BB shell I really have no idea on. It's a
> stamped one but seems pretty nice in general. The fork crown I feel is
> a Vagner, but I can't find a pic of one just like mine. Any leads
> would be nice.
> thanks,
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