Re: [CR]Alex Singer bike F.S. in Virginia

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Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 17:20:55 -0700
From: "Brian Baylis" <>
To: greg yares <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Alex Singer bike F.S. in Virginia
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Wow, sounds like just my kind of bike; all except for the moolaah. Just my size. Just not my price. Rats!

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA

> I had a chance to go look at this bike, which is on the C.R.classified page,
> when we were in the Richmond area and it was a real highlight for me on our
> trip through Virginia and the D.C. area.
> I told Mrs Haller that I'd describe it for the list.
> It's too small for me , or I'd be riding my new bike.
> She got this bike new 30 years ago and is ready to pass it on.
> It has a 19.5"c-t seat tube w/ a 19.5 "c-c top tube. It's all chrome
> plated, with what looks like a one piece head tube(Jan Heine pointed out
> that this is constructed , and not really one piece), red lug lineing,
> generally good decals, except the 531 decal is almost gone. It is in used
> condition so if you want as new , buy a new one through Jan .
> It has a small front rack and a large rear rack, very well fitted fenders w/
> a diamond shaped reinforcement on the rear fender. It's fitted with the
> following parts,
> Campagnolo hubs(high flange, 5spd freewheel), seat post, and pedals,
> Mafac cantilever brakes w/ guidonet(sp?)levers,
> Cinelli bar/ stem,
> TA crankset,triple(I didn't count teeth),
> Ideal seat,
> 650B size wheels w/ good tires
> huret f. der,
> shimano 600 r. der,
> down tube shifters(I think Huret)
> solibloc frame pump
> one set of bottle brazeons on down tube
> She is asking $3500 for this bike which seems fair to me.New ones are going
> for $5500-$6000
> with a year's wait. I guess a dealer couldn't really come out at this price,
> but a rider sure could.
> It would be great to see Mrs. Haller be able to sell this bike to the right
> person for its next 30years.
> Greg Yares
> Back in Tucson,
> (self serving post script;I'm hunting for a similar bike in a 25" frame
> size)