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From: <BobHoveyGa@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 13:52:53 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Re: CDA

>Dave Anderson wrote:
>> Raoul,
>> Granted we may get our butts kicked for being off topic, but your
>> statement isn't exactly 100% true. CDA is still with us to this day, although in the
>> form of the Record Track grouppo. The hubs are exactly the same, (save the
>> solid axle and nuts) and the Crank is merely made for a single chainring rather
>> than two like the CDA road crank. I believe the old CDA HS (aka "Contax") is
>> darn close, if not exactly the same as found in the current track model.

Chuck replies:
>With all due respect Dave, but I think you're wrong in your statement
>above. I have two groups of CDA, one mounted on a bike, both from the
>first year it came out. Also I have a current Record track group
>mounted on a "keeper of the flame", on topic, '02 Waterford fixed gear
>road bike.
>The CDA crank arms have a beautiful curve to them that the Record Track
>cranks do not and the spiders are different offsets so the two are
>different forgings. They actually don't have much more than a
>superficial resemblance to each other (five arms instead of the Record
>road four arms with the fifth bolt behind the crank arm).

>Anyone else care to comment?
>Chuck Schmidt
>South Pasadena, CA

I agree... the stylistic influence of the current pista crank is definitely C-Record, in spite of the fact that the arm splits the spider instead of lining up with it. Then too, there's the fact that the design of the pista crank was introduced BEFORE C d'A (see <<A HREF="http://www.campybike.com/pdf/1988%20Record.pdf">1988%20Record.pdf</A>>).

BTW, there was some discussion as to the position Cd'A was intended to occupy in Campy's line and the confusion that resulted when it was introduced. This quote from June '88 BICYCLE GUIDE's review of Cd'A makes it appear that Campy's vision was fairly clear on the subject, even tho that vision was not ultimately shared by the public:

"...Sipay (Campy's American tech rep) explains that Campy wants to nail down the high-end market by filling the gap between Chorus at $800 and it's flagship group, the $1,300 C-Record ensemble. But Croce (at $1,000) is more than a defensive move: It's a group designed for the competitive cyclist, and Campagnolo hopes that it will become the group of choice in the Peleton over the next few years."

"Won't Croce steal Chorus and C-Record sales? Sipay says no. Chorus is not a racing group and C-Record is too expensive for all but those lucky racers who have generous sponsors."

Bob Hovey Columbus, GA

PS: Will the guilty pleasure of this discussion still be as much fun in 2 years when it's on-topic?