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From: "John Price" <>
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Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2003 13:51:14 -0600

How does black chrome compare to the Vent Noir finish on some Austro Daimlers ? Are they considered to be black chrome finished or ??? I have no experience with Vent Noirs (other than seeing the occasional one at VeloSwap here) but I've been told their finish fades over the years.

John Price Denver CO

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Black chrome is not a practical finish for a bike frame in my opinion. It is not durable and begins to degrade almost instantly. Attempts to stall the process usually cause extra problems that further detract from the practical aspects of this finish as it begins to fade and discolor. I also think is is rediculously expensive; but I've never checked into it for obvious reasons. One thing that people don't often consider when trying to make an "artistic" frame is that it is still supposed to be a functional and useful object. Seeking exotic finishes should include a large dose of practicallity; unless the bike is not intended to be used. In that case why the hell build a bike? It would make more sense to create some other sort of art and let it serve its' purpose as an object to be looked at, as opposed to something that is to be used. In my opinion an impractical finish diminishes its' value tremendously. Just my opinion. If the work was intended to have collector value in the future, it will either have a deteriorated original finish, or will have to be refinished in some other way; both of which effect its' value in the future. I don't mind a fine piece of work exibited on a bike frame; but I personally draw the line at any original finish that cannot stand the test of time with proper care. From what I've seen of black chrome, it does not qualify. In addition, I prefer the look of standard bright chrome to that of black chrome. Sure it is different, but that does not make it looke better to me, just unusual. Gold plateing is in the same catagory for the most part, but is better in that it does not change color all by itself. I also know a secret about dealing with gold plating which will allow it to last quite a long time. I don't think the process will prevent black chrome from going south.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA
> Excuse me if this has been discussed already, but how is Art's black chrome
> done? I've seen some photos of at least one bike with this finish and it's
> pretty amazing.
> Bob Hovey
> Columbus, GA
> In a message dated 7/4/03 11:06:07 AM, writes:
> >Oscar Wastyn did those marbled black copper jobs years ago, they were really
> >
> >great, maybe Al Eisentrout knows how he did it, I never could get Oscar
> >to
> >give me the recipe.
> >Something to do w/ liver of sulfur applied on the copper plating.
> >Art Stump never liked Oscars way and did Black chrome instead.