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Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 15:31:41 -0700
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"Jasco" paint stripper works great for me. I buy it at Home Depot. Much of how effective it is despends on a few conditions. Temp. outside on the day in question and how it is applied are factors. Dab it on with a cheap non synthetic brush, moving on one direction only. Let it work for a bit, then repeat dabbing a second layer on. Let everything get soft, then scrape off using a putty knife or a paint scraper of some sort. I prefer a putty knife which allows you to get into tight places and sharp corners. Rinse well with water and let dry. A secod round may be neccessary. Different paints react differently to the stuff, you will have to play it by ear. Wear eye protection and good chemical proof gloves and don't touch the stuff, even through the gloves if you can help it. I like to strip the frame in stages, like one half of one side. It takes a while but then you can handle the frame as neccessary without holding paint stripper.

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> Remove paint from an old frame?
> I have an older frame that I'd like to repaint, and I'm wondering if there
> is any magic chemicals that anyone is aware of?
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